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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

What is a CSA?

A CSA is like a subscription to our farm's food. You sign up at the beginning of the year, supporting us when it matters most - so we can buy seeds, equipment, and labour, allowing us to focus on growing great food for you.

In return, you get healthy, incredibly fresh and delicious food for 20 weeks from July to December (you can skip 4 weeks at any time for any reason).

In short, our CSA is a sustainable food partnership between you and our farm. By supporting your farmers directly, CSAs are a great way for you to make a meaningful impact to our local food system.

With a 90% satisfaction rate in our member surveys and people returning as customers every year, we know you'll love taking part in our CSA.

As our way of saying thank you, we literally give 110% to our CSA members by providing up to $60 of extra produce over the season!

To learn more, click on 'Our CSA' in the menu bar, or click on one of the options below to sign up today.

What Our CSA Members Say

"Maple Bloom Farm's CSA makes eating healthy and local so much easier! In addition, it's a great feeling knowing your money is going directly to Island farmers, rather than big box grocery stores."

Lisa G.

"The food was incredibly flavourful and fresh and the pickups were smooth and convenient."

Laura H.

"This has to be the way forward for our system of agriculture: healthy pesticide free food and helping our neighbours make a living from the land."

Laurie L.

"Helpful, passionate and engaged with their members. Veggies were bountiful and delicious!"

Mathieu A.

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